october 2014

after working with conformalizer for the last couple of months, now helping with the recuts of the stunning project "citizenfour" about edward snowden, directed by oscar-winning laura poitras


september 2014

editing foley for supervising sound editor tilman hahn for the horror comedy "stung", directed by benni diez

see trailer here


march to august 2014

editing lots of water...

assisting supervising sound editor frank kruse with conforming and editing for the long-term project "heart of the sea", directed by ron howard


february 2014

editing foley from foley artist martin langenbach for the animated feature "der 7bte zwerg" with otto walkes


january 2014

"westen", directed by christian schwochow, in german cinemas in march

doing foley for the short movie "auf den hund gekommen", directed by tom sommerlatte


december 2013

doing and editing foley for the swiss short movie "die roten schuhe", directed by aurora vögeli


november 2013

doing foley with foley mixer marcus sujata for "schwarzer panther", directed by samuel perriard

october 2013

editing voice-over for the feature "horizon beautiful", directed by stefan jäger


september 2013

editing foley for the swiss series "der bestatter"


july 2013

doing foley for the short movie "teufel", directed by lisa bierwirth with hanse warns as foley mixer


june 2013

doing foley for dffb-student-short "it´s dark in the city", directed by anna avramenko with hanse warns als foley mixer at hanse warns studios


may 2013

editing foley with kuen-il song for "westen", directed by christian schwochow

doing foley for dffb-student-short "schwarzer panther" with marcus sujata as foley mixer at hanse warns studios

april 2013

doing foley with hanse warns as sound mixer for the dffb second year movie "kral", directed by övünc güvenisik


march 2013

editing adr and foley for "die frau die sich traut", directed by marc rensing


february 2013

"nighttrain to lisbon" at berlinale