archive - november 2014

editing foleys for bibi&tina 2 - voll verhext, directed by detlev buck, coming to german cinemas before christmas

editing foleys for supervising sound-editor andreas hildebrandt for happy hour, directed by franz müller


archive - october 2014

after working with conformalizer for the last couple of months, now helping with the recuts of the stunning project "citizenfour" about edward snowden, directed by oscar-winning laura poitras


archive - september 2014

editing foley for supervising sound editor tilman hahn for the horror comedy "stung", directed by benni diez

see trailer here


archive - march to august 2014

editing lots of water...

assisting supervising sound editor frank kruse with conforming and editing for the long-term project "heart of the sea", directed by ron howard


archive - february 2014

editing foley from foley artist martin langenbach for the animated feature "der 7bte zwerg" with otto walkes


archive - january 2014

"westen", directed by christian schwochow, in german cinemas in march

doing foley for the short movie "auf den hund gekommen", directed by tom sommerlatte


archive - december 2013

doing and editing foley for the swiss short movie "die roten schuhe", directed by aurora vögeli


archive - november 2013

doing foley with foley mixer marcus sujata for "schwarzer panther", directed by samuel perriard


archive - october 2013

editing voice-over for the feature "horizon beautiful", directed by stefan jäger


archive - september 2013

editing foley for the swiss series "der bestatter"


archive - july 2013

doing foley for the short movie "teufel", directed by lisa bierwirth with hanse warns as foley mixer


archive - june 2013

doing foley for dffb-student-short "it´s dark in the city", directed by anna avramenko with hanse warns als foley mixer at hanse warns studios


archive - may 2013

editing foley with kuen-il song for "westen", directed by christian schwochow

doing foley for dffb-student-short "schwarzer panther" with marcus sujata as foley mixer at hanse warns studios


archive - april 2013

doing foley with hanse warns as sound mixer for the dffb second year movie "kral", directed by övünc güvenisik


archive - march 2013

editing adr and foley for "die frau die sich traut", directed by marc rensing


archive - february 2013

"nighttrain to lisbon" at berlinale


archive - january 2013

writing diploma about "foleys beim film - das unsichtbare handwerk der geraeuschemacher und sound-editoren" at imm


archive - december 2012

doing foley for the viral clip "mean but green", directed by anna kohlschuetter


archive - november 2012

ayla gottschlichs documentary gets "lobende erwaehnung" at duisburger filmwoche


archive - october 2012

editing foley for the swiss movie "das alte haus"


archive - september 2012

editing foley for the movie "night train to lisbon", starring jeremy irons and directed by bille august


archive - august 2012

editing foley for the documentary "in the darkroom", directed by nadav schirman


archive - july 2012

editing foley for the swiss movie "missenmassaker", directed by michael steiner


archive - june 2012

archive - may 2012

doing foley for rungano nyonis short movie "mwansa the great"


archive - april 2012

doing foley! my first job as nancy ann cianci foley artist for the tv-documentary "der auftrag", by ayla gottschlich

congratulations to the german sound team of "anonymus": hubert bartholomae and manfred banach win the "deutscher filmpreis: beste tongestaltung"


archive - march 2012

editing foley for "draußen ist es sommer", directed by friederike jehn


archive - february 2012

editing foley for the french movie "holy motors", directed by leos carax

congratulations to christian petzold: ´silberner bär` for "barbara" at berlinale


archive - january 2012

editing foley with the team at tonstudio hanse warns for "barbara", directed by christian petzold


archive - december 2011

helping out kuen-il song with editing foley for "ausgerechnet sibirien", directed by ralf huettner


archive - november 2011

cutting foley for "liebe und andere unfälle", directed by thomas gerber


archive - october 2011

editing foley for "la terre outragée", directed by michale boganim



archive - september 2011

congratulations to brigitte bertele: best director award for "the fire" at montreal world film festival

soundeffects edit for "kleine morde", directed by adnan köse


archive - august 2011

"der albaner" in german cinemas now

"the fire", by brigitte maria bertele, in ´world competition´ at the montreal world film festival

"fortress", by kirsi marie liimatainen, in ´focus on world cinema´ at montreal world film festival


archive - july 2011

"arschkalt" in german cinemas now

assisting tobias fleig with the mixing of "festung", directed by kirsi illimatainen


archive - june 2011

adr edit in metz-studios, frankfurt, with kirsi liimatainen

foley edit at film-ton studios, berlin, for "festung"


archive - may 2011

"eine insel names udo" in german cinemas now

foley edit for kai storck and "arschkalt", directed by andré erkau


archive - april 2011

"beach boy" by hannes hirsch wins the new berlin film award


archive - march 2011

mixing 5.1 for "la pionnière", by daniela abke

"interview", by sebastian marka, is selected for competition at cleveland international film festival


archive - february 2011

 "the albanian" by johannes naber wins the max ophuels filmfestival and screens at berlinale in "perspektive deutsches kino"


archive - january 2011

"das leben ist kein heimspiel" in german cinemas now

"der brand" by brigitte bertele, "der albaner" by johannes naber, "beach boy" by hannes hirsch and "interview" by sebastian marka will screen in competition on the max ophuels filmfestival

recording foleys for "the berlin project" with foley artist günter röhn


archive - december 2010

walking foleys for "beach boy"

trailer and new homepage of "das leben ist kein heimspiel", a documentary about the fabulous success of a german soccer club, is online

cutting foleys for "sohnemänner", directed by ingo heab


archive - november 2010

"interview", directed by sebastian marka, wins the award for best short feature at the oaxaca international film festival in mexico and is in the official selection of the abertoir horror film festival

"the albanian" at the festival international du film d´arras and the cinema tous ecrans in geneva

"hoffenheim-das leben ist kein heimspiel" will start in january in german cinemas

status at bvft being updated


archive - october 2010

nik xhelilaj, leading actor of "the albanian", gets the golden goddess as best actor and wins the best actor award at the antalya golden orange film festival - congratulations!

"the albanian", directed by johannes naber, gets the special prize of the prishtina international film festival

 "ins blaue", directed by kaija helweg, on florence film festival


archive - september 2010

"interview" in the official selection of the oaxaca international independent film and video festival, the st. louis international film festival and the atlantic film festival

"die fremde/ when we leave", directed by feo aladag, represents germany at the 83rd academy awards


archive - august 2010

cutting foleys for "der brand", directed by brigitte bertele

"interview", directed by sebastian marka, nominated at new york city international film festival as best short narrative


archive - july 2010

 "the albanian", directed by johannes naber, gets the special jury price at the moscow film festival

recording foleys for "interview", directed by sebastian marka, with carsten richter and hanse warns

mixing "interview" with re-recording mixer stefan korte at ruhr sound studios 


archive - june 2010

"the albanian", directed by johannes naber, at filmfest münchen

designing sounds, cutting dialog and recording adr for "interview", directed by sebastian marka

"jane´s journey", directed by lorenz knauer, at filmfest münchen. andré zacher recorded the location sound in double-ms surround


archive - may 2010

"die fremde/ when we leave" wins the tribeca film festival as best film, sibel kekilli as best actor

assisting andré zacher while mixing "der albaner/ shqiptari", directed by johannes naber


archive - april 2010

editing backgrounds for "der albaner/ shqiptari", directed by johannes naber

sound mixing on set of the short movie "the conclusion", directed by sebastian marka


archive - march 2010

"die fremde", directed by feo aladag, and "parkour", directed by Marc Rensing, in german cinemas now

"hoffenheim - das leben ist kein heimspiel" has berlin preview at 11mm film festival


archive - february 2010

"die fremde", directed by feo aladag, is celebrating world premiere at berlinale

new trailer of "parkour" is online


archive - january 2010

finishing backgrounds, fx and foley edit of "hoffenheim - das leben ist kein heimspiel", a documentary directed by rouven rech and frank marten pfeiffer

"hoffenheim - das leben ist kein heimspiel" at saarbruecken filmfestival max-ophuels-preis in competition. it gets a special commendation of the jury


archive - december 2009

starting backgrounds edit of "hoffenheim - das leben ist kein heimspiel", directed by rouven rech and frank marten pfeiffer

finishing temp mix for "miles", directed by simon rittmeier


archive - november 2009

starting dialogue edit of "miles", science fiction short movie, directed by simon rittmeier

"parkour" wins the eastman award at the hof international film festival

"weitertanzen" und "das große rennen" in german cinemas

"2012", directed by marcus overbeck, at kinofest luenen and filmfest heinrich-heine-universitaet


archive - october 2009

dialogue editing for "ins blaue", directed by kaija helweg

new address in duesseldorf, see contact

"parkour" opens the hof international film festival


archive - september 2009

"2012" at court métrange festival in competition in october

andré f. nebes "the race" starts in german cinemas at the end of october with the german title "das große rennen"


archive - july 2009

completing 5.1-dvd-mix for "schwelle", an audio-visual recording of a modern dance-theater including sound installation


archive - may 2009

finishing sound design and mix for "spiel aus glas", directed by sabrina sarabi

cutting foley for "parkour", directed by marc rensing 


archive - april 2009

foley editing for "die fremde", directed by feo aladag


archive - march 2009

foley editing for "the race", directed by andré f. nebe


archive - february 2009

"kronos", "withered flowers blooming" and "2012" at saarbruecken filmfestival max-ophuels-preis in competition

assisting re-recording mixer tobias fleig and jürgen roth on the premix for "prinzessin lillifee"


archive - january 2009

completing 5.1-mix at imm for "withered flowers blooming", directed by martin schreier

assisting re-recording mixer stefan korte on the final mix for "hilde", directed by kai wessel